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Hi there, it’s Carla Rose. 

Today we are going to talk about the hidden secrets about sugar, you will know why it is so toxic and dangerous for our bodies and why over 70% of packaged food contains sugar.

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  • Four hidden secrets of sugar

  • How much sugar are you supposed to be eating every single day.

  • The different forms of sugar that we need to stay away from.

  • How to avoid packaged cereals as they are loaded with sugar.

  • 3 Tips to control sugar cravings

  • How to remove the temptation

Alright. A lot of people talk about sugar and you know too much sugar is not good for you. But there are four really important things you need to know about sugar.

There’s probably a lot more sugar in your food and the things you drink than you even realize.

And it’s very, very important that you’ll understand where it’s hiding so that you can improve your health, keep your weight in check and bring out and enhance your natural beauty.

You know last week I was at a grocery store and I was smiling and feeling wonderful. And the checker said to me, “You look wonderful today.

What is going on?” I said, “

I’m just feeling really extra healthy.”

And she said, “

Well, that’s great.”

And I just come back from doing some exercise.

And she said, “You know, I’d like to be like you.

You know if you could tell me one thing that I should give up if I want to get in a better shape, if I want to be healthier, if I want to lose weight,” because she was overweight.

And I said, “If there’s one thing I could tell you to give up, it would be sugar.”

So she smiled.

Now what was behind that was really the idea that sugar is hidden even though it’s in plain sight. Did you know that sugar, added sugar, is in 74% of packaged foods?

Imagine that.

And when I say things like cookies and cakes, that’s one thing. But it’s also found in a lot of ordinary other foods like bread and pasta sauce.

And you especially need to watch out for things that are labelled natural or healthy because some of them are loaded with added sugars.

Too much sugar can do damage to your liver. It can literally make you sick. The scientists tell us they think it causes inflammation and inflammation is the beginning of disease.

We want to avoid unnatural things that cause disease so that we can be healthy and beautiful.

I hope you’ve enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.



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