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On the quick tip of today we are going to talk about the kind of fat you body needs, you will get to know why our body needs fat and whick one is a good fat and bad fat for your health.

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  • That Fat does not make you fat

  • What fat we need in our diets

  • What are the good kind of fats

  • How to limit the ammount of fat intake

Does that sound strange? Fat does not make you fat?.

We have heard for years and years that eating fat is so bad for you that you should eat a low-fat or a no-fat diet and thatÂ’s the answer to everything. And youÂ’ll be skinny if you just do that.

Well we have found out since that time that thatÂ’s not true.

There were lots of studies done and they turned out to be all accurate.

Fat itself is not bad for you.

In fact, we need fat. There are vitamins that you canÂ’t absorb in your body without fat but there is good fat. And thatÂ’s the kind I want to encourage you to eat.

Good fat is monounsaturated fat. Good fat comes from things like olives so you can use olive oil; from avocado because it is very high in nutrients; from nuts and from coconut.

Those are all good kinds of fats. And you need some of that with every meal every day.

Just remember if you are trying to work on your weight there are more calories in fat than there are in other foods like carbohydrates and protein.

Fat has twice as many in the same amount as protein or carbohydrate. So thatÂ’s why we need to limit the amounts. But you donÂ’t want to give out fat because fat itself is not what makes you fat.

That wraps up our quick tips for today.

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