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Today, we’re going to talk about beliefs about oils and what are the healthy ones you should include on your daily cooking. Also, you will know those oils you might think are healthy but could actually be harmful and dangerous to your health.

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  • Beliefs and influences on nutrition

  • 4 Types of so-called “Healthy Oils” and why theyÂ’re not good for you

  • The health problems that Coconut Oil can help you solve

  • Five reasons to use Coconut Oil every day

Okay, so weÂ’ve been told; first, we were told you shouldnÂ’t have saturated fat. You shouldnÂ’t have things like butter.

You shouldnÂ’t have butter, you should eat margarine.

And margarine was made with hydrogenated vegetable oils and we found out that was terrible.

So the first thing weÂ’re going to do is talk about four oils that you may have thought were healthy that you should not be eating.

So weÂ’re going to talk about Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Safflower Oil and Soy Oil. And all of those oils are a problem. All of them. They have their own reasons.

Okay. So the first one IÂ’m going to talk about is Canola Oil, okay? Now Canola Oil, thereÂ’s no canola plant, okay? So thatÂ’s not such a natural thing. It actually comes from rapeseed which is in a mustard plant family.

So the problem with rapeseed oil is that it has been processed into what we now call Canola Oil. And Canola Oil has cyanide compounds in it. ItÂ’s not good for you.

It gets refined and they bleached it and they take the smell out of it.

And they have to expose it to very high heat which is what makes it dangerous.

ThatÂ’s when you just donÂ’t want to eat.

You donÂ’t want to have that; you donÂ’t want to cook with that.

The Omega-3 content which was in it gets destroyed by this high heat process. So thatÂ’s just not a good idea.

So you want to stay away from Canola Oil, not a good thing for you to eat. Not a good thing for you to cook with. Not a good thing for you to really have in your house.

Lots of commercially produced foods have Cottonseed Oil.

If you start looking at the labels, the way I was reading the label from the baby lotion, you will see that Cottonseed Oil is used in lots of processed foods – chips, cookies.

They even put it in drinks like Gatorade which is supposed to help you. But itÂ’s not food. ItÂ’s not food and thatÂ’s the problem.

When theyÂ’re growing cotton, they donÂ’t want weevils and bugs and anything else to mess up the cotton plants so they spray it with pesticides.

And those poisons that they use to kill the pests are still in the oil because it gets in the cotton.

And when they squeeze the plant to get the oil out of it and then use it for food processing, you can see thatÂ’s a problem.

ItÂ’s probably not so great to just have that in your body in any way.

So I would stay away from Cottonseed Oil for the same reason. ItÂ’s just itÂ’s processed, it contains pesticides most likely or other toxic substances. It is just not the best thing for you.

Some people are also allergic to it, by the way. So if you have a peanut allergy, you might also respond negatively to Cottonseed Oil.

Cottonseed Oil is not natural as a food any more than eating cotton would be natural as something you would put on your plate. So here at Natural Health World, we like to advocate for natural things and keep that in mind. Just picture a cotton ball on your plate and say, “You know what, I’m not going to eat Cottonseed Oil.” Okay?

So when you think about solving the problem of eliminating toxins from yourself, use what is natural. Coconut Oil can help you.

Stick with whatÂ’s natural.

You can avoid the problem oils on your supermarket shelf by substituting a clean, natural, pesticide free substance instead of those oils and cook with Coconut Oil.

So here are the five reasons why I think Coconut Oil is something you should use every day.

The first reason is that itÂ’s all natural.

YouÂ’re not going to be putting any substance on your body or in your body that does not come directly from a plant and doesnÂ’t have anything added to it.

ItÂ’s simple, natural and itÂ’s been used for a long time by a lot of people all over the world.

I hope you’ve enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.



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