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Hi there, it’s Carla Rose. 🙂

You are beautiful. You are worthy of being loved. You deserve to be free of the struggle in your relationship with food. You deserve to be at peace with what you eat. You deserve to feel wonderful and womanly and powerful. And that’’s exactly what I’’m going to help you feel with these healthy secrets.

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  • The 6 natural health philosophy secrets

  • How to get enough nutrition

  • How to get the right kind of nutrition

  • How to avoid excess

  • How to Program your mind to eat better and fight back

Did you ever know someone who suffered from an eating disorder?

I mean we hear about this all the time – eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia.

Well, I actually knew somebody like that.

When I was a young woman fresh out of college, a girlfriend and I travelled to Europe with our backpacks and our train passes in hand.

And we were meeting two other girlfriends there. I didn’t know them. They were my friend’s buddies.

But both of them were models and it was a little intimidating because here I am this little short person. By the way, I’m just 5’1” and that’s without my shoes on.

And I always wear shoes.

And so here we are with these really tall people that are at least like 5’10”, okay. And that’s tall for women. One of them was extremely thin.

We’re going to call her Roberta to protect her identity. Now as it turns out Roberta had anorexia. It was so weird. Okay, here’s what happened.

Roberta didn’t really love herself. She was obsessed with trying to be thin. But she was actually being so cruel to her body by starving it to the point that she was sleep walking so she could stay alive.

Now that is not natural, okay? That is not natural. What’s natural is to eat when you’re hungry but it’s the amount that counts.

And it’s part of my philosophy about being a healthy, beautiful, kind person to yourself that you need to eat when you’re hungry. This is a very important point and it’s one of the secrets I’m talking about with you today. It’s the first secret to natural health nutrition. And that is enough nutrition.

The first secret is get enough nutrition. Starving because you feel guilty that you got over eating at a certain point and cutting out meals to make up for it, that not only slows down your metabolism, it’s just not kind.

You feel bad and it’s just going to make you feel worse.

Nothing could be good for you when it deprives your body of what it needs the most which is natural clean food in the right amounts.

And I’’ve been there, I’’ve over indulged.

When I was a young person before I understood all that I understand now, when I hadn’’t taken care of all the patients I learned from – there were ten thousand of them; when I tried to starve myself to make up for overeating, I would get so hungry then I would binge and eat everything in sight and feel like a failure.

So I want you to learn from the lessons I’’ve learned which are completely explained in this podcast: Secret number one is get enough nutrition…

I hope you’ve enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.



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