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Hi there, it’s Carla Rose.

On this episode of the Natural Health World podcast I’m going to give you five ways to regain your youthful energy so you can go from being tensed and tired to feeling younger and super charged!

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  • Five Ways to Regain Your Youthful Energy

  • Benefits of the Forward Bending Muscle Stretching

  • How to Detox your thoughts and why it’s important

  • To get a simple exercise equipment you can use at home

  • Why you should eat enough protein

I’m here for you to help you, guide you, coach you so that you will get better and better and better at being the loving person to yourself that you deserve.

You deserve this. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be treated beautifully so that you can feel your own natural beauty and health.

They are tied together.

Your health and your natural beauty are two different sides of the same coin and they are in you.

Alright, I wanted to share with you an experience I had meeting some of my old nursing school classmates for a get together. We were having a reunion of sorts.

There weren’t a lot of us. We’re all about 66, 67 years old or so. And we went outside. We’re in a beautiful place. We went outside for a walk together, some of us. And there were some who were huffing and puffing on the slightest hill.

This was on a ranch. It was hilly.I was surprised at how they seem to lack energy even on something that didn’t seem all that strenuous.

Well as for me, I had on my running shoes. I took off my long sleeves shirt and I took off running. And they could stay back huff and puff all they wanted.

They caught up with me later. I was back at our starting place.

Now how did that happen? What was it that separated the same people of the same age from somebody more energetic and that was me? I want to give you 5 ways.

These are things I use where you can recapture your youthful energy if you’re lagging in energy now, if you’re not feeling at your best. Some of us as we get into middle age, we think we’re supposed to be slowing down or not having that energy that we had 20 years ago.

We put this on our own minds.

It doesn’t have to be there.

There are little things you can do and some very important better things you can do to keep that energy. And you could banish that sluggish “I don’t have to have the energy I used to have.” That kind of thinking you can banish that from your mind.

So the first way to regain your youthful energy is really simple. It’s stretching. This is important because it gets the kinks out.

It takes very little time but one of the most important things about it is that it helps bring blood flow to the brain and to your muscles. If you’re doing this in the morning, it wakes you up.

Now how do I it? There are several ways. But a couple of the easiest ways are, first of all, to bend over from the waist. You let your head and shoulders just hang down loosely, no tension.

Let your body go forward as far as you can without trying hard just relaxing and do it. Maybe you can only bend very far for a little bit or maybe you can bend all the way ever to reach your toes.

Let your body bend as far as it can from the waist. It matters that you do this very simple and relax with your arms hanging loosely.

Count to 30 slowly.

And what’s happening while you’re counting is that rich oxygenated blood is getting to your head, your neck and shoulders, the top of your body where gravity is basically pulling it downward all day.

You bring it back. Alright? So bending over the waist is a good one. After that, you stand straight and you reach your arms above your head and stretch your arms are high as you can.

And again, you want to count to 30.

That is changing your circulation, bringing blood flow back to the area where you need it. Training your arms and hands that might get a little swollen during the day and increasing your circulation…

I hope you’ve enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.


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