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When I’m tossing and turning and can’t get to sleep at night, this is a sleep soother technique that I use. I donÂ’t take a sleeping pill. I donÂ’t take any medicines. I try to use my body in a natural way to help myself sleep.

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  • The Sleep Soother Technique

  • To Talk to and thank your basic self: your body

  • To Thank your middle self: your mind

  • To Address your high self: your spirit

When youÂ’re having trouble sleeping, you start out taking a number of deep breaths and I count them. I do 16.

And that number comes from studying the Huna way which is an ancient Hawaiian religious practice. But itÂ’s not really necessary religious here at all. ItÂ’s more spiritual.

The idea is that you relax yourself with these deep breaths and then you go to the three parts of yourself – your basic self which is your body, your middle self which is your mind and your high self which is your spirit; their connection to the Divine.

And when IÂ’m talking to my basic self, my body, I pay attention to all the things that my body does right.

It holds me upright. It walks. It bends. It does my athletics, my sports. It carries me wherever I need to go.

And I’Â’ll go through different parts of my body and recognize that. And then I go to where my mind is and what talents I have.

I can write.

I can speak.

I can think through problems.

I can solve things.

And I thank my mind for the ability to do all that. And then those two parts of me together address my high self, my spirit. And I say thank you for the connection to the highest source of wisdom.

Because that is what enables me to take the good that is my basic self and my body, the good that is in my mind and to give those things out to the world in a loving way.

You can do that too. We all have these parts of ourselves – body, mind and spirit.

Think about the unity of them and how you can spread good to those around you by thanking them and loving yourself.

And that’s the sleep soother technique. When you use it you don’Â’t need to take a sleeping pill. You don’Â’tneed to take any medicines.

You just use your body in a natural way to help yourself sleep. It will soothe you into a peaceful place so you can fall asleep naturally.

That wraps up our quick tips for today.

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.


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