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Hi there, it’s Carla Rose.

On this episode of the Natural Health World podcast we’re talking about toxins and how to fight them. This is all about your natural health and optimum vitality.

And after you’ve finished listening, I want you to feel truly beautiful, healthy, vibrant and loving yourself from the inside out.

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  • What is vitality?

  • List of toxins that are present in our environment

  • Dangers of these toxins and how do we fight them

  • List of 10 Best Detox Foods

I did some research to help you identify very easily some of the best antioxidant foods. Some high antioxidants foods and I have 10 of them here for you.

When I talk about getting the information for you for some of these 10 best antioxidant foods, I’m not just making this up.

I’m one of these people that stays up late at night reading like journal articles or books about food because I just love the subject of nutrition.

And I just wanted to tell you, this stuff works.

I live this way.

And I take the time and trouble to learn these things and share them with you because I know you’re busy.

This is coming from my heart. I want you to feel vital and healthy and strong the way I am. I want you to feel like that. It’s an easier way to love yourself when you feel good, you know. So that’s the message here, ladies.

When we talk about these foods, I want you to know and remember that all of these are loaded with nutrition. These are best detox foods. These are some of the very best out there. It’s not limited to this.

But I promise you, I’m going to tell you what to eat. I’m going to tell you what to eat to make feel good and help you feel healthy.

And you’re going to love yourself for doing this because you know you’re not putting things that are bad for you in your body and that helps you love yourself even more.

Think of becoming a healthy role model for your children in the way they deserve. Making your husband or partner so proud of you and just feeling more confident about how special you truly are.

Taking that feeling of confidence into your work, your relationships; everything that you do.

I hope you’ve enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.



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