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Hi there, it’s Carla Rose.

On this episode of the Natural Health World podcast I’m going to tell you whether tea can help you lose weight and we’re going to talk about what tea is best for you and your health.

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  • About Tea and its benefits

  • How to make it a ritual as a way to relax

  • A beautiful way to connect with other people

  • How it can help you in weight loss

It is a really, really good thing for you to take a moment for yourself and to listen to this session. Because one of the things we’re going to be focusing on when we talk about tea is that tea is a way to relax.

We don’t think about relaxing when we drink a cup of coffee.

That coffee has caffeine.

And the purpose of coffee and the caffeine is to kind of pep you up and that’s why people say, “I can’t live without my cup of coffee in the morning,”

Well, tea has caffeine in it too. It can have caffeinated brands or types or decaffeinated kinds. And they are both good. They have different purposes though.

I want to tell you why I love tea and why I began drinking tea.

I didn’t grow up with tea. I didn’t have tea in the house. It was a very rare sort of occasional thing I would even see. But people around me started drinking coffee in college so I wanted to feel grownup and I drank coffee too.

And this went on for many years until I got pregnant. Now for some reason, the first way that I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my daughter, was I went out to have breakfast and we all have the usual coffee.

I took one sip and felt sick to my stomach. And I didn’t get morning sickness, ladies.

I didn’t have morning sickness.

This was just from drinking coffee.

So I found out I was pregnant. And every time I look at a cup of coffee I couldn’t stand it. So I took up drinking tea. And I drank tea all through my pregnancy.

And then after I had my daughter who was the most beautiful baby, I realized that caffeine would get into my breastmilk because I was nursing.

So I never went back to coffee. I just stuck to tea, decaffeinated tea, herbal tea and I have enjoyed it ever since.

So tea is sort of a mystical thing. It’s not like coffee. There’s a long history of tea. It goes back thousands of years to China.

But one of the things that happened as people began drinking tea was that they made a ritual out of it. Rituals are ways that help us relax. They are things that we repeat. They’re a way of taking a moment to yourself.

Tea can be a natural stimulant just like caffeine in coffee. But it’s less than in the same amount of coffee.

If you drink a cup of tea, you’re still getting the benefit of caffeine. It stimulates the nervous system in a slow and progressive way unlike coffee.

So you don’t get a jolt. There are certain drinks that have caffeine in them that are made with coffee and they call it a jolter.

It gives you a jolt.

If you just want to have a little bit more feeling of energy in yourself, in your person and you want to feel awake and concentrate in a sustainable way, think about tea with caffeine.

Black tea, green tea, orange pekoe tea; all these different kinds of tea that don’t have the caffeine removed and they’re really good for you.

So tea has a lot of benefits. It has antioxidants and we know those fight free radicals. Now we all want our skin to look good. Don’t we, ladies, okay?

Have our skin look good.

One of the enemies of skin that’s looking good are those nasty free radicals in the environment…

I hope you’ve enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you.


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